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Roseberry Meadows is a seasoned business making a new turn.

Leah Myers holding a lamb

Long before Roseberry Meadows, I was the proud owner of a small yarn and knitting shop that I tended for seven years on the Oregon coast and was the first time that I fell in love with fiber, the fiber industry, and the possibilities it holds. Several years later, after creating Roseberry Meadows, my focus was primarily on wreath making, floral arrangements and home décor in the local area of Central Oregon. Although wreath making still being a hobby I enjoy, physical limitations have encouraged me to step away from production work and has allowed me more time to experiment with wool once more.

Recently, a few life-altering circumstances and a rekindled love for fiber arts has shifted my onward view for what I want the business to be encompassing; my lifelong passion for sheep and the wool they bear. With an ever-growing flock of sheep and many different colors and textures to experiment with, my love of fiber has once again taken center stage in my life and has become a new beginning for Roseberry Meadows.


Felted SantaUltimately though, it’s not just a passion for fiber or sheep, it’s a passion for creating things that have the ability to spread happiness and warm, fuzzy feelings in the hearts of my customers and those whom they are shared with.


-Leah Myers

Owner, Roseberry Meadows